My Default App 2023

I’ve recently discovered a interesting GitHub project called “App Defaults.” It serves as a go-to software list for bloggers. Robb has aggregated the article links and RSS feeds from the authors into a convenient OPML file for hassle-free subscription.

It’s time to summarize the default applications of 2023. This year has brought about some changes, as I have gradually started self-hosting certain applications. It has led me to develop my own lifestyle, and I like it.


🎨 Design Tool: Figma, Photoshop , Illustrator

🪄 3D Design: Spline

🗂️ Organizing design assets: Eagle

🎞️ Video editing: Final Cut Pro and Capcut


⌨️ Code Edit: Visual Studio Code

👨‍💻 SSH Client: FinalShell


📰 RSS service: FreshRss(Self-hosted), Rsshub(Self-hosted)

🗞️ Rss Reader: Reeder 5

☁️ Cloud storage: Synology Nas 920+

🌅 Photo library: Synology Photos(Self-hosted), Immich(Self-hosted)

🎵 Music: Navidrome(Self-hosted)

🎬 Video Service: Emby(Self-hosted)

📺 Video Client: Infuse Pro

🔒 password: Bitwarden(Self-hosted)


📬 Mail client: Spark

✅ Project Management: DooTask(Self-hosted), Clear

📝 Note: Obisidian, Memos(Self-hosted), Typora

⏬ Download: Dowine 4, QBittorrent(Self-hosted)

📂 File Sharing: Cloudreve(Self-hosted), Pingvin Share(Self-hosted), Synology Drive(Self-hosted)

🌐 Web browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Arc

🖼️ Screenshots: CleanShot X

📈 Website Analytics: Umami(Self-hosted), Uptime Kuma(Self-hosted), Matomo(Self-hosted), Google Analytics, Nezha Monitoring

🚀 Launcher: Raycast

Q: What is self-hosting service?
A: “Self-hosting” refers to hosting and managing applications, data, and services on one’s own server or infrastructure, rather than relying on third-party hosting services.

Benefits of Self-Hosting

  1. Control: You have full control over your applications and data.
  2. Data Privacy and Security: By self-hosting, you can maintain control over your privacy. Unlike many vendors who utilize privacy data for analysis and targeted advertising, self-hosting allows you to avoid concerns about privacy breaches and keep your data in your own hands.
  3. Scalability: Self-hosting enables you to flexibly expand and adjust according to your needs, including the option for further development.
  4. Cost Control: Self-hosting can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to using third-party hosting services.
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